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Unlocking Convenience: The Benefits of Installing a Bed Slide in Your Ute

Ute owners are constantly on the lookout for tools and upgrades that can enhance the convenience and functionality of their vehicles. One such game-changing addition is the Ute bed slide. A bed slide is a practical and versatile accessory for UTEs with a sturdy surface usually made of heavy-duty aluminium. It turns your Ute's cargo area into a sliding drawer, improving your overall experience. 

If you’re wondering how bed slides can add value and convenience to your vehicle then this article is for you.  

Easy Access to Tools and Equipment

Installing a bed slide in your Ute revolutionises how you access your tools and equipment. With traditional setups, reaching for tools in the back of your vehicle can be cumbersome. 

However, a bed slide simplifies this task by allowing you to smoothly extend all your essential gear out of the cargo area. It eliminates the need for stretching, bending, or rummaging through clutter, making it effortless to find and use your tools - something that every professional needs.

Also, the Ute bed slide lets you make the most out of the available cargo space in your vehicle. It effectively turns your vehicle's bed into a sliding drawer, allowing you to easily store all your gear and equipment. This means you can carry more items and larger loads without the hassle of stacking or rearranging constantly.

Health Benefits 

Another crucial benefit of installing truck bed slides is their enhanced health protection. Loading and unloading cargo in a traditional Ute bed can be physically demanding and sometimes risky. It often involves awkward postures and heavy lifting, leading to muscle strains and sprains. 

With a bed slide, these risks are minimised, as you can easily slide items in and out without excessive physical exertion.

Bed Safety 

Ute beds are expensive, and if you do not take care of them, you’ll be at a loss. If the built-in bed is damaged, it will result in costly repairs. On top of that, the resale value of your vehicle will be significantly dropped. 

Don’t fret; bed slides offer improved safety for your UTE beds. Exposed ute beds are prone to wear and tear, while bed slides add a covering to them. This potentially increases the resale value of your vehicle.  


On top of that, bed slides appear aesthetically pleasing and give a powerful appearance to your vehicle. Although aesthetics isn’t the key reason for installing bed slides, it definitely deserves a mention. Imagine yourself loading items on your Ute with an elegant bed slide! Feels lovely, right? 


There are numerous benefits for installing a bed slides, to aid in easy equipment access and safety.  A bed slide can also be used in a Van, SUV and any other commercial vehicles. If you are searching for the best bed slides for your vehicle, Trade Station is here to help. We offer top-notch bed slides that are easy to install and make your daily tasks easier. So, get in touch with us!


" Upon looking at the bedslide online I wasn't sure of the quality for this price but decided to take a punt and buy one. After receiving it I can confirm that these are incredibly well made for the money! Slides nice and easy on the ball bearing rollers both empty and under a full load. Very happy with the purchase!" - Beau