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About Us

Trade Station was formed in 2017 solely as an online shop that stocks a range of high quality imported tool boxes & accessories for utes and small trucks, delivered direct to your door.

Since then we have grown and now also manufacture hand built New Zealand made ute trays, canopies and toolboxes.

These are a cut above many other examples on the market, due to the fact everything we manufacture is fully welded, rather than bolted or riveted together. Each item is heavy-duty and built to suit the vehicle it is going on as opposed to the cheaper, multi-fit options which can loosen, rattle, and bow over time. Please get in touch if you require more information or a quote for vehicle.

We still stock our imported items and these can either be ordered online through the website by adding the items to your cart and following the steps, or contact us by phone or email and we can send you an invoice - its that easy.

Pick ups are also available from our showroom in East Tamaki, Auckland 

Trade Station is dedicated to ensuring our customers are happy with our products.

We are passionate about taking your vehicle to the next level so you can work from it with ease and sleep well knowing the tools of your trade are securely locked away.