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Take your ute to the next level: Top accessories to supercharge your custom ute service body

You already understand how useful your Ute can be so now it's all about getting the right type of functionality that makes sense. Whether you're a tradesman or a hobbyist these accessories will help enhance productivity and efficiency. At the same time they will help provide a level of convenience and safety for you.

Rooftop Storage Solutions

The roof is the first area we will look at for your custom Ute service body needs. These come in different formats depending on what you'll need to transport. You can opt for roof racks or cargo baskets and build the right mix to transfer bulky items, such as ladders and piping, that don't need to take up space inefficiently in other locations.

One option for rooftop storage is roof racks. These sturdy metal frames are designed to be mounted on the roof of your Ute, creating a secure platform for carrying a wide range of items. Roof racks typically consist of crossbars that span the width of the roof and provide a foundation for attaching additional accessories. They can be customised and adjusted to fit your desired load capacity and dimensions.

Another alternative for rooftop storage is cargo baskets. These are spacious and open containers that can be installed on the roof of your Ute. Cargo baskets are constructed with durable materials, such as steel or aluminum, and often feature a mesh or grid pattern to prevent items from shifting or falling during transit. The open design of cargo baskets allows for easy loading and unloading of bulky items that may not fit efficiently in other locations.

Drawer Systems and Shelving

A custom Ute service body wouldn't be custom without designated compartments for your smaller tools and equipment. These are designed out of site and maximise the overall amount of space that can be utilised for the drawer system.

On top of that, we can create shelving as well for quick storage solutions. Both options can be retracted when not in use to provide flexible storage solutions depending on the job and the various storage types you will need.

One of the advantages of both the drawer system and shelving is their retractability. When not in use, these storage options can be retracted, making the storage space flexible and adaptable to different job requirements. This feature ensures that the Ute service body can be optimised for various storage types depending on the specific needs of each task or project. Whether you need more drawers for small tools or open shelving for larger items, the retractable design allows you to customise the storage space as needed.

By incorporating designated compartments, drawers, and shelving into the custom Ute service body, you can ensure that every tool and piece of equipment has its place. This not only enhances the organisation and efficiency of your work but also helps to protect your valuable tools from damage during transit. With a well-designed storage system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your smaller tools and equipment are securely stored and easily accessible whenever you need them.

Canopy Accessories

A Ute Canopy itself is already an excellent addition to have as part of your overall custom Ute service body. These essentials help provide a secure space for you to work and store your tools, expanding the versatility to the max.

There are numerous canopy accessories and additions to include, such as internal lighting, from flood lights for those extra dark locations to LED lights when you're working on something inside. You can have ventilation options to keep the airflow cool and specialised tool racks that are retractable when not in use and perfect when you need that extra secure and convenient storage space.

Safety Equipment

Throughout your customisation, we help to install safety equipment and measures where appropriate. That way, when you're using your heavy-duty equipment, you know that your custom Ute service body was designed with a safety-first mindset.

This includes ladder racks, non-slip step plates, and even rubberised non-slip grab handles meant to offer stability and support when you're moving around. This extends to having the right type of reflective decals and other types of warning support signage that helps to provide better road safety and notification to others, whether on the site or the open road.

To Conclude

So this is just a taste of a few of the key types of customisations you can receive. Also the best part is that these are all primarily designed with improved efficiency in mind. That means as you develop your dream customisation, you’re working towards a higher level of productivity, which allows you to focus more on the work itself and less on any limitations your Ute may have. That leads to more successful jobs and better overall performance.

Get in touch with us if you're interested in taking your Ute to the next level.  Our knowledgeable team are here to help with your custom Ute service body build.