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Working out of a messy, disorganised ute or truck is enough to drive anyone crazy. Time is easily wasted on searching for tools, parts, and any other equipment that gets lost in the chaos.

Trade Station’s toolboxes, canopies, and accessories are designed specifically with busy tradies, workers, and weekenders in mind. We offer a solution that is both secure and cost-effective, and which most importantly makes working out of the back of your vehicle a much smoother experience.

Knowing that equipment is safe, organised, and at hand no matter the location offers peace of mind to our busy and hardworking customers. We want to make life easier for those who work and play in tough conditions.

Take a look at our growing range of products to find out how we can improve your vehicle’s storage system. If the perfect solution isn’t there, get in touch to ask about our custom options—we would love to help!