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The Ultimate Customisation Journey: Turning an Isuzu Dmax Ute into a Beast

So, picture this, a client walks into our Trade Station workshop.  The client had a vision for their Isuzu Dmax Ute and wanted us to help customised it. The client is ready to transform their standard ute into a stylish powerhouse. And what better way to make that happen than by decking it out with some seriously cool Ute accessories?

This article is all about how we turned an ordinary Isuzu Dmax Ute into the client's dream vehicle with a list of cool ute customisations. Buckle up because this is one ride you won't want to miss!

Weekender Tray:

It all started with the Weekender Tray.  This tray is one of the most popular tray we install.  This tray is all about practicality and versatility. It’s light weight, tough and made from aluminium. The tray is built to last in our New Zealand conditions.  With the Weekender Tray installed, our client's Ute instantly became more functional and ready for any adventure.  To see the full list of features this tray offer, head over to the Weekender tray section.

Canopy with Colour-Matched Doors:

Next up, we installed a 1200mm canopy and we colour-matched the doors. This add on not only increased storage space but also added a touch of personalisation. The client's Ute looked sleek with doors that matched its original factory colour. It's amazing how something as simple as this can make a vehicle feel like it's truly yours.

Drawer Fridge:

Who wouldn't want a fridge in their Ute? The drawer fridge is a game-changer, especially for long journeys, at work site or outdoor excursions. No more worrying about warm drinks or spoiled food. With summer approaching this is a great add on.  Our client can now enjoy cold beverages and fresh snacks on the go.

Bench & Storage Drawer:

This combo is a real space saver. The bench provides a convenient work area, whether it's for meal prep during a camping trip or a makeshift workspace on the job. Plus, the storage drawer also keeps things organised and clutter-free. It's like having a mini mobile office in the back of your Ute.

600mm Tray Space:

More space is always a good thing, right?  With the Ute canopy installed there's still some tray space left (600mm to be exact).  The space is ideal for carrying extra gear, tools, or anything else that our client might need. It's the kind of Ute tray that makes you wonder how you ever managed without it.

Stainless Water Tank with Pump:

For those off-road adventures or remote work sites we installed a water tank with a pump for the client.  It is a game-changer. It provides access to fresh water whenever it is needed. 

Full-Length Under Tray Drawer:

Last but not least, the full length under tray drawer is a hidden gem. It's the perfect spot to stow away valuable tools or equipment securely. Plus, it keeps the Ute's exterior looking clean and streamlined.

How Trade Station Can Help:

The change was nothing short of amazing. The client's Isuzu Dmax Ute was transformed from a standard workhorse into a customised powerhouse!

Yet, the experience is more important than just the ute accessories we added. To truly understand the client's requirements and preferences, our team at Trade Station worked closely with the client. We made sure every customisation matched their style and individuality, in addition to being purely functional.

What has been the highlight of this journey? observing the client's expression when they first saw their newly customised Ute. Here at Trade Station, that sense of pleasure and pride is what makes our work so fulfilling.

So, whether you're looking to take your Ute to the next level like our client did or have a different vision in mind, the team at Trade Station are here to turn your Ute customisation dreams into reality. We're in the business of telling tales, making memories, and going on adventures on four wheels, not simply selling accessories. Making sure your Ute is truly yours and that it is prepared for any adventure you throw at it is key. What will your Ute's next upgrade be?

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