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Key considerations for crafting the ultimate ute canopy configuration

Ready to get started with getting the best possible ute canopy? We'll look at what you need to consider and what to decide upon so you can have a ute canopy that’s best for you.

Maximising Space Efficiency

This is going to be a key factor as you want to have the most optimised layout and organisation possible from the beginning. Once it's built, it's not that easy to change, so ensure this part is thoroughly done correctly from the get-go. We're talking about developing the right type of storage solutions, from drawers, shelves, pull out benches to racks that are organised to store whatever you may need.

You'll want to also think about foldable and removable components that can help bring flexibility and restore some space. Every corner needs to be considered in your ute canopy, meaning you'll want to also think vertically when it comes to organising and storing equipment.

Built to handle the weather

You want to get a ute canopy that's strong enough against the elements. That means selecting materials that are both durable and weather resistant.  At Trade Station we only build aluminium canopies which are designed to handle our harsh New Zealand conditions.

You'll also want to have a professional seal for all openings and areas where water leakage could be problematic. This can be easily covered by getting specific waterproof seals and gasket covers to ensure the interior remains dry and void of the outdoor elements.

Make sure that your gear is fully secure

You'll have some valuable equipment on the inside, and it needs to be protected. That means getting security features that are just as durable as the ute canopy itself. It's going beyond an extra durable lock but considering installing an alarm system or even a reinforced door. You can even add surveillance cameras and GPS tracking features to the ute canopy itself.

Don’t forget about customisation options and proper lighting

Once you’ve got the foundational items settled, it’s time to consider what type of customisation you’re looking for in your ute canopy. We've briefly discussed adjustable shelving and modular features that always have the ute canopy flexible enough to how your needs may shift.

You'll also want to weigh up adding other features, such as a ladder system, racks on your rooftop and even windows that you can slide open and close as you see fit.

You'll also want to consider lighting solutions for your ute canopy customisation. You can go energy efficient with LED lights that are still bright enough to work in low light conditions or go full-on spotlight to work in the darkest environments possible. You can even add in both a lighting and security feature by having motion sensor lights that add convenience and energy efficiency.

In the end

When you’re ready to get yourself the best ute canopy possible and have a better understanding of just how many features you can include, feel free to reach out to us. We're ready to work with you in getting you the ute canopy of your dreams, amongst other types of customisations you may be looking for.