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Crafting the Ultimate Ute Setup for Unforgettable New Zealand Camping Adventures


Are you a camping enthusiast? In this blog, we will be looking at creating an exceptional Ute setup that'll make your Kiwi camping experience truly extraordinary. 

The Right Ride: Choosing the Perfect Ute

Having a reliable Ute is essential for touring New Zealand's challenging terrain. Get one that can tow enough weight to handle your camping equipment and perform well during off-road adventures. Keep in mind that it's your trusted ride on this adventure, not just a car!

Decking Out Your Ute: Essential Gear

Now that the wheels are in order, it's time to get ready. You can showcase your creativity on a decent roof rack. Set up a robust rooftop tent as your cozy nest with a view, and don't forget the awning for extra shade on hot days. Include some jerry cans for fuel and water as well.

The Camp Kitchen: Where Culinary Magic Happens

Let's face it, good food is the heart and of camping. Set up a sliding drawer system in the back of your Ute, complete with a portable stove, cooking utensils, and enough storage for your ingredients. Imagine cooking a delicious, substantial meal while gazing out into blue waves at twilight? That would be an unforgettable dining experience!

Sleeping in Style: The Rooftop Tent

Your Ute is more than just a vehicle, it's your home on wheels. A rooftop tent is revolutionary because it provides a cozy sleeping area and unparalleled views. Snap it open in a matter of seconds, then curl up inside to enjoy stargazing or the sound of rain on the roof. It's like camping with a little more luxury, done in Kiwi fashion!

Stay Charged: Power Solutions

It's important to stay connected. An option for your Ute is to install a battery system and solar panels then you can charge your devices, power your fridge, and still have enough juice to run other applications when needed.

Chase the Thrills: Adventure Gear

Adrenaline junkies love New Zealand as a playground. Choose a Ute canopy to safely store your equipment while you're out biking, hiking, or kayaking. Add a roof box or bike rack to keep things organised so you can go on adventures by day and unwind by the campfire at night.

Weathering the Elements: The Awning

It pays to be ready because Mother Nature can be unpredictable here in New Zealand. Your Ute's strong awning offers protection from the rain and the sweltering sun. It serves as an outdoor living room as well, making it a fantastic spot to get together with friends, swap tales, and sip a cold beverage while taking in the scenery.


Combining functionality with a dash of adventure is key to designing a standout Ute setup for camping in New Zealand. It involves the skill of converting your Ute into a house that is as equipped for rocky landscapes as it is for warm evenings. Your Ute setup will therefore be the key to opening amazing experiences in the land of the long white cloud, whether you're sailing through the breathtaking Milford Sound or camping close to the beaches up North or the Coromandel. This summer, be ready to go because New Zealand's stunning scenery is waiting for you, and your outstanding Ute setup will get you there.

Talk to us today and our team will have you sorted for summer!