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Fitting Kit

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This item is currently on order and may take up to 8-12 weeks to ship. If you place an order now we will be in touch with a more precise delivery estimate, or get in touch with us now at

Want to order everything in one place?

Grab one of our fitting packs to go with your purchase

Options available:

  • 4 bolts - recommended for toolboxes, drawer units, quarter tray canopies
  • 6 bolts - recommended for part tray & double cab canopies
  • 8 bolts - recommended for cab plus & single cab canopies

Whats included?

  • M10 x 50mm bolts
  • M10 penny washers for under your tray
  • M10 washers for bolt head
  • M10 nylock nuts - wont rattle loose